Vision Mission

Welcome To Jamuna Prasad Verma P.G. Arts & Commerce college

The Vision of the College is to uplift the academic standards of the youths by imparting quality higher education, instilling them with the qualities of compassion, competence and confidence and thus prepare them to serve the Nation and the society they move in.

With this vision, the College intends to serve the youths of the region and the state by providing them access to higher education with quality which may enable them to be fairly competent and competitive in the fields they enter. The college strives towards intellectual, moral and cultural development of the students inculcating moral values, discipline and dedication to work into them. 


As the college admits most of the students who are socially and economically and educationally disadvantaged hailing from rural as well as urban pockets and works for their competence building and enhancement of their abilities and skills, the following is the mission and consequent objectives to fulfill the Vision of the College:  

·        To provide the masses cost effective excess to higher education.
·        To serve the student community who are educationally, socially and economically weaker in this region.
·        To transform the youth into educationally, morally, culturally and spiritually good citizens with greater employment opportunities.
·        To serve the National cause of educating women, particularly those who lack educational opportunities.
·        To provide academic excellence among students.
·        To inculcate discipline into the students.
·        To motivate the Students’ participations in extracurricular activities to develop their hidden skills.
·        To orient the students towards their social responsibilities through various co-curricular and extra-curricular forums such as N.C.C., N.S.S., Sports, YRC, and the like.

The vision, mission and objectives of the institution are communicated to the students, teachers and other stake holders through the college prospectus, college website, and the meetings with the Students and Parents at the time of admission and also through Alumni, Extension Service, and the Media.

The display of Vision Statement and Mission Statement at the entrance helps the stakeholders identify the goals and objectives of the college.
The activities planned and conducted by the Students under various banners also serve in spreading the mission and vision of the college.